How to wear the Jean LUC

JEAN LUCA is back with the JUAN JEWELERS.

The new JUANA JEWELS are an amazing collection that takes a classic style and gives it an edgy twist with bold colors and textured fabrics.

The JUANCI JEWELLERS will feature the best of both worlds: a relaxed and sophisticated look, with some cool prints and textural details, but with the ability to customize the look to fit your style.

The JUANTE JEWLERS collection will also feature the most unique fabrics available, which will be available exclusively at Evisu.

The range will be limited to 25 items, and the first batch of fabrics will be shipped from Japan in March.

The limited edition JUENITEX JEW LUBE JUACI is also available in limited quantities at Evita.

The Evisu collection is designed to compliment any look.

The pants feature stretchy and lightweight fabric, with a high collar, a hood, and a pleated waist.

The jacket features a lightweight mesh shell, with no pockets, and is made of polyester.

The boots feature a mesh back with mesh lining and a high-top, with mesh liner and a mesh tongue.

The LUC is available in men’s sizes XS-XXL, and will retail for $170 at Evi and $170 in-store.