A look at the latest evisu denim collection

Evisu has launched a new collection in the Evisu Collection in collaboration with Jil Sander, a German designer who also designs the jeans of the likes of Levi’s, Levi’s Outfitter and the brand’s flagship jeans.

This collaboration with the German brand is meant to be a continuation of the Evu’s success in the global market, and is meant for those who want something a bit more tailored and more contemporary.

“I want to present the Evi to the market,” said Evisu co-founder and managing director, Joachim Rueda.

“It is a collection that is a complete re-imagining of what Evisu should be.

It is a statement that Evisu is not just a jeans brand anymore.”

A statement that the Evusis are now a brand of design and design is a very fitting statement indeed.

While evisu is known for its bold colours and vibrant prints, the brand is also known for being a denim company.

The evisu range is made up of denim with a number of different textures, some of which are designed to fit different body types.

The denim is also very versatile, as there are denim jackets, jeans with prints, jeans cut for men and jeans cut and sewn for women.

Evisu, who are known for their minimalist design, is well known for having their jeans made with natural fibres, but it’s not just about their denim.

“Evisu has always been a denim brand with a focus on the modern design,” said Ruedas partner in the new Evisu collection, Alexander Hirsch.

“This collection is a perfect expression of that.”

Hirsch explained that Evius focus on “design for the modern” and “modernism” was a strong influence for the new collection.

“Our jeans are meant to look and feel modern, but also in a classic, old-fashioned way,” he said.

The new Eviis collection is available now through Evisu’s online store, and will be available at select retailers on November 2, 2016.

Eviisu has released two new collections in 2017: a slim fit collection and a slim collection.

Both of the new collections feature slim fit denim.

The slim fit range features slim jeans with a slim waistband.

These slim jeans are available in black and grey, but will also be available in red and grey.

“The slim fit jeans have a very soft and comfortable fit, and they also look amazing when they are worn with denim trousers,” said Hirsch, “The fit of the slim jeans is perfect for people who are very active and who want to show off their abs or muscles.”

The slim collection is also available now via Evisu.

Evisus has also released a new colour palette: grey and black.

This collection includes a collection of slim jeans that are also available in grey and white.

Evusus’ slim collection will also become available to purchase in November.

Evuis latest release, the slim denim collection, is available on the Evisis website for $300.

Evizs slim denim has a slim neckline, and features a small cut at the waist.

The Evisu Slim collection will be released on November 3.