What’s the deal with Levi’s rib-cage denim? | Business Insider

Posted February 05, 2018 11:30:06Leli’s has launched a line of jeans that have an unusual style, called the “ribcage.”

The brand’s founder, Levi Strauss and Co., is known for his classic, classic jeans, and it appears that the company is also going for the ribcages.

According to The New York Times, the jeans are made from the brand’s famous ribcaging material, which is cut at a diagonal angle and comes in two styles: the classic “rib” style, and the “naked” style.

The “nudie” style is made from a thin fabric, but still has the classic ribcAGE pattern.

The jeans are not cheap, but they’re affordable enough that they’re available in pairs, and they also come in various colors.

The brand has already started making its own ribcaged jeans, which it’s calling “Leli” jeans.

The jeans, available in four sizes and colors, come in two colors: gray and black.

They’re not cheap either.

The standard size jeans are $120, but the naked jeans are also available in a few sizes and are priced at $150.

The “nude” version is $200, but you can get the “robin” version for $230.

The pants are available in several colors, including a black, white, and gray option.

They also have an “invisible” option for $35.