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J.J. Pierre, a member of the Israeli parliament from the center-left Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, told Al Jazeera the political crisis is “not good for the state of Israel”.

The current crisis, he said, is caused by “a crisis of confidence in the leadership of the Jewish state”, especially after the arrest of three Israeli teenagers in July for spying.

The Israeli authorities have charged two of them with spying, but they deny wrongdoing.

The fourth is suspected of having ties to the Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas, which has claimed responsibility for the shooting at a Jerusalem synagogue.

The arrest of the youths has raised tensions between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

The PA, which governs the West Bank, has accused the Israeli authorities of having a “coercive” approach against the Palestinians, with which they have a long history.

Pierres said he believed that “Israel is a political entity and should be respected”.

The Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been in power for six years.

He is the Palestinian leader in the West of the occupied West Bank.

He was elected in 2017, following the overthrow of his predecessor, Mahmoud Abbas, who was killed in 2018.

The current Israeli-Palestinian conflict has killed more than 6,000 Palestinians and more than 10,000 Israelis since the 1967 Six Day War.

Pierre, whose party has governed in the Knesset since 2009, said that the current situation is not good for Israel.

He said the situation is “a real risk to the future of the state” and added that the PA “will be the only party that can save Israel from the brink of collapse”.

He called on Israel and the Palestinian leadership to put an end to the current political crisis.

“We are calling for a ceasefire and a political solution to the crisis, because the future is not in our hands.

We must take back the future from the Palestinians and restore the state to the people.

We cannot allow Israel to break off the peace process and to abandon the future to the Palestinians.”

The crisis has raised concerns in Europe about the prospects for peace.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said in a tweet that “the situation is too serious” to talk about peace talks and that the “international community must be more proactive and willing to make good on its promises”.

She said that “we need to move quickly to reach a political deal, and that’s why I urge all parties to act to bring about peace”.