Australia’s first high-rise denim factory opens in Melbourne

A new high-rises construction site is set to open in Melbourne, with a new clothing and footwear factory to follow in 2020.

The High Rise Construction site is in the inner-west suburb of Fitzroy, near Melbourne’s iconic CBD.

The new facility will be a production and distribution centre for the brand Aeropostal, which is a joint venture between New Zealand apparel company Fandango and Australian fashion brand High Rise.

“I was looking for a site that I could produce high quality clothing and be self-sustainable, and I’ve got a great location in Fitzroy,” said Aeropos founder, Jason Smith.

“It’s a fantastic location for a clothing brand to grow, it’s close to the CBD, it has a great heritage, and it’s affordable.”

Smith, who owns a company called T-shirt company, T-Nation, also owns a local clothing company, High Rise in Fitz.

“Aeropostals has been a pioneer in Australian construction, and we’re thrilled to be opening this new manufacturing facility,” Smith said.

“Our manufacturing facility is located on a site where we can deliver high-quality clothing to our Australian customer base.”

Aeroposition, a leading Australian high-end brand, has been expanding its presence in Australia.

In September, the company announced a partnership with New Zealand-based clothing company High Rise to manufacture high-grade footwear, clothing and accessories in the country.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with New Zealander High Rise on this project, and this will help us grow our manufacturing footprint in Australia,” Smith added.

“They have a really strong track record in the footwear market and are looking to expand into apparel in future.”

High Rise will manufacture clothing in the Fitzroy area and also manufacture high quality footwear, including high-fashion jeans.

“For us, it will be great to be able to have our local team working with them to help them to create the high-performance footwear we are looking for,” Smith told ABC News.

Aeroposes founder Jason Smith said Aerops is looking to grow in Australia, as well as the Pacific region, to help create a high-level manufacturing facility in Australia’s second city.

“With the growth in the apparel industry, there’s always been an opportunity for us to be in the fashion industry, and now we’re going to be providing high-impact product to our customers,” he said.