How to dress for your next event: Jean shorts

The next time you want to hit the beach in a bikini, the best way to do so is to ditch the pants.

“Jean shorts are not a necessity, but a great way to be casual and show off your legs,” says Sarah Kogel, a New York fashion blogger who specializes in men’s style.

Kogels advice is a common one among men who’ve been caught wearing shorts to work or on the beach for the past several years.

“I know many guys who are afraid to wear pants,” she says.

“It’s hard for me to wear shorts to events without looking awkward, but it’s also hard to dress up for a party in shorts when you don’t want to look weird.”

Here are six essential men’s shorts for summer.


Pants with sleeves.

“A jacket sleeve on a pair of pants makes them more comfortable,” says Katey Richman, an editor at The New York Times Style Guide and editor-in-chief of The Style Weekly.

“If you have to wear jeans underneath, you should wear them without sleeves.

You can’t wear a jacket sleeve over a pair.”


Pants without sleeves for an evening.

If you’re working out in the heat of the day, you want the right amount of ventilation in your pants.

But if you’re staying home for the day with a family, consider wearing a pair with sleeves that have sleeves instead of the usual zipper closure.

“The sleeves add a bit of extra fabric, but you’ll also get a better fit and a little bit of breathability,” says Richman.


Pants for cooler weather.

“In warmer weather, you might want to opt for a more relaxed silhouette,” Richman says.

She recommends a jacket, or shorts, with no sleeves.

She also recommends a pair without sleeves because they are more comfortable.

“When it’s too cold for pants, try wearing them with shorts.

They don’t come with a zipper, and the sleeves add just enough fabric to make them look more comfortable.”


Pants that are tailored to fit your shape.

If your waistline is too long, it can be difficult to find a pair that’s comfortable and comfortable enough to wear.

That’s where a tailored pair of jeans or a tailored skirt will come in handy.

“Pants are a great option for those with long waistlines,” Richmans advice says.


Pants tailored to your body type.

“Women tend to have a more narrow waist, so a suit with a waist that’s too small for a normal fit can look awkward,” Richs says.

When you’re out and about in a hot, humid environment, you’ll want a suit or a pair tailored to suit your body shape.

“Some women find that a suit made with a narrower waist helps their silhouette, but others find that slim suits make them feel short,” she explains.

“As a general rule, the longer you’re going to be wearing a suit, the more you should choose a slim fit.”


Pants customized for the season.

“You can’t go wrong with pants made for summer,” says Kogell.

“These jeans are versatile enough to suit almost any body type, whether it’s a slim or tall person.”


Pants made from fabrics that are breathable.

The best thing about pants is that they’re very comfortable and offer plenty of breathable fabric.

“Breathability means you can breathe in and out of the suit without feeling too hot,” says Lulu Shat, editor-at-large at The Fashionista and author of the new book, The 5 Best Men’s Shorts for Summer.

“So if you have a pair you’re planning to wear in summer, consider buying a pair made from a blend of cotton, polyester and other fabrics.”


Pants to wear for longer, more casual outings.

The perfect pair of shorts for a night out on the town with friends or a group of friends is the classic suit jacket.

“This suit is very comfortable,” Shat says.

But for events like wedding receptions or family get-togethers, a suit jacket is best.

“Try wearing a lightweight jacket, like a lightweight sweater, instead of a traditional suit,” she advises.


Pants you can wear for the office.

“Just like the workweek, a summer event will be a bit different than a fall or winter event,” says Shat.

“Work events are a lot more casual than events in the fall, and most women will have more of an office-like vibe during the week than during the day.

So if you are going to a formal event, you can always wear pants with sleeves.”

Shat also recommends wearing pants with zipper closure and a belt to look more professional.


Pants in summer.

“For a summer party, jeans are the best choice,” Rich’s advice says, but she also recommends pants in the summer.

Shat recommends a skirt and a skirtless