Apple is now selling its jeans below $300, with no mention of the iPhone or Mac

Apple’s jeans have been a staple of fashion since the 1980s, but the company is starting to feel the heat this year.

Apple’s jeans are now selling for less than $300 in Australia, with a number of stores offering them for less.

The company’s jeans range from jeans in colours ranging from navy blue to dark blue, and can be found in all sorts of styles, from casual to formal.

But while the denim is still a staple for many, the jeans have seen a fall in popularity.

While the average price of a pair of jeans is around $80 in Australia today, Apple has reportedly been selling them for around $200.

While this may seem like a drop in the bucket, the price is still quite reasonable considering many other major retailers have been selling jeans for around the same price.

In fact, Apple’s average price for jeans has dropped by more than 25 per cent over the past year.

Despite the price drop, Apple still seems to have a lot of customers.

Apple has reportedly sold over $1.7bn of jeans in Australia over the last two years.

In addition to its jeans, Apple also sells a range of shoes, and recently launched a range with a range that includes the latest Apple Watch Series 2.