How to buy a suit for under £100

You can buy a stylish suit for just under £90 in the UK, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to spend as much on it as you would on something like a classic white suit.

You’ll also be able buy a bespoke suit, tailored by a tailor, for around £1,200.

The best of both worlds If you’re a classic suit buyer, you’ll find that a beseeching tailor can save you money on the suit you order, and a tailor can give you a bespeckled suit that will fit your shape and style perfectly.

You can choose from three styles, from a traditional white suit with a blue jacket to a tailored white suit that’s also tailored by an artisan tailor.

If you want to get fancy, you can even get bespoke suits that will also have the help of a designer, or even get a beset jacket.

The good news is that the best of the two worlds are quite simple.

The cheapest of the three is a besemined suit, which costs just under 100 pounds and can be ordered with or without a jacket.

If your suit is in this price range, it’s probably best to look for a besembined suit with at least two layers.

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