Watch ‘Game of Thrones’: Mocking ‘Game Of Thrones’ star’s ‘White’ Ripped Jeans

Watch “Game of Throne” star Peter Dinklage wear a pair of white ripped denim jeans as he performs at the New York City Ballet in 2015.

The actor and singer has previously expressed his admiration for the fashion style and said he wanted to wear a similar style on “Game Of Throne” to the fashion he wore on the show.

The fashion has been a hot topic since the show began airing last year.

Dinkler has worn the style on a number of occasions in the past, including when he was on the set of “The Walking Dead” and a performance at the Oscars.

The star has since apologized for wearing the jeans, but he has not given any explanation for his choice of style.

He also apologized for making the jeans look like they had been ripped.