Why Marianne and Lauren Jenner are in the hot seat for ‘Lovesick’

LOVESICK is a series in which the women of the world talk about their personal lives in real time, often revealing personal truths that may not be widely known.

This week, the women sat down for an interview to talk about the latest in their life story.

LOVEDICK’s latest episode, “The Girl Who Loved You,” finds the girls at a high school reunion in California.

It also features Lauren Jenner, who shares a story about the time she met her boyfriend of six years, while still a teenager, at a party at the home of her family.

Lauren Jenner and her family were celebrating her 18th birthday.

“We were just sitting around, watching a movie and it just came on and we had this big moment,” she said of her meeting her boyfriend.

“We had a moment of just being together, and it was really special.”

Afterward, Lauren Jenner shared her feelings about the moment with The Washington Post, explaining that it was a “lovefest” in which she “really bonded” with her boyfriend while also learning about herself and others.

Lovedick was filmed on May 15 and is available to stream on YouTube and Netflix beginning Monday.

Watch the episode above, and check out the full interview here.