How to save your black jeans from falling apart

How to replace black jeans that fall apart after being washed and dried.

A new study has shown that when jeans are washed, the denim fabric starts to unravel at the seams.

When the jeans are dried, the fabric does not unravel at all, leading to a black spot on the leg.

The researchers have shown that a wash can remove a black mark, and drying the jeans will cause them to unravel and eventually disappear.

The study, which is published in the journal The American Journal of Applied Physiology, was conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine.

Researchers used an infrared camera to observe the unraveling of jeans in a drying environment.

When a pair of jeans was washed, they were allowed to air dry overnight.

Researchers then measured the amount of fabric unraveling on the legs.

When jeans were dried, their unraveling rate dropped to about a tenth of what it was during the initial wash.

However, the unraveled denim did not unravel again after the drying period was over.

“It appears that a drying process causes the denim to unravel more, so when jeans dry, they lose some of their original structure,” said lead author Dr. Shauna Johnson.

“Drying the jeans removes this structure and makes them more prone to unraveling.”

Johnson, a materials scientist at UCL, added that drying the denim before the next washing process would have an even more drastic effect on the jeans.

“The jeans would not unravel as quickly if they had been washed in a dryer,” Johnson said.

Johnson added that the drying process could be reversed by using a different type of drying process, which involves letting the denim dry in a controlled environment.