Watch this adorable girl rip jeans with her sister for sale

You’ll probably never see this adorable, happy-to-be-home girl rip some jeans for sale on Instagram.

The little girl is wearing the cute jeans, which have been tagged with her sisters Ellie, 5, and Nicole, 3, as they sell for $1,000.

“It’s like, you’re a little kid, it’s all your little sisters, and it’s cute,” Ellie said in an Instagram video that was posted to the social media site Friday.

If you’re not already a fan of Ellie’s adorable Instagram account, then you’re probably a fan to this sweet deal.

You’ll need to go through the entire process of ripping jeans, including the hemming process and the sewing, and you’ll be able to choose between two styles: jeans that you’ll wear everyday or jeans that will only be used for special occasions.

As Ellie puts it, “I’m just trying to do my own thing.

And I don’t really have a family or friends.”

For the price, you’ll also get some extra goodies: an Ellie T-shirt and an Ellies signature denim sweatshirt, which is the only pair of jeans that she’ll wear in a special event.

Even though this adorable little girl will be wearing the jeans for about four hours a day, the pair will last longer than a normal pair of pants, which are supposed to last for about five years.

“I love to get my own little girl to wear the jeans,” Ellies mother, Nicole, told ABC News.

But you’ll probably have to take some liberties with them, too.

For instance, the jeans are not the same size as those Ellie and Nicole will wear at school.

You can get them tailored if you want, but they won’t be as comfortable.

Additionally, the denim will need to be washed and dried, and the seams will need some attention.

You’ll also need to pay for the extra work involved.

It’s also worth noting that the denim is not a pair of ripped jeans that Ellie is selling for $500, as you’d be paying the same price if you bought them for $700.

Ellie is the oldest of five sisters and Nicole is 6.