Two-tone jeans with a twist?

By Lauren KudzuLIVE!

We have a brand new look to share with you today!

We have been working on a brand-new look to take us to a new place in our style and look.

This look will bring you to a brandnew level of quality and comfort, as well as a more streamlined look.

We have been putting a lot of thought into our look and the result is an absolutely gorgeous pair of jeans that will look great with any outfit!

I am so excited to share our brand new two-tone denim with you!

This is the perfect combination of style and style versatility.

The fit is perfect, the cut is slim, the look is perfect.

The denim is incredibly soft and lightweight and the fit is comfortable on both the top and the waistband.

The denim has a nice stretch to it, and the top is not too loose.

The material is very soft and has a great color palette.

It’s really flattering on the legs and on the shoulders, and it’s not too tight at the bottom.

I would love to say that the denim is soft and warm, but I can assure you that it is not.

It is actually very stiff and is not flattering at all.

But you won’t be disappointed with this new look!

You will love wearing this pair of denim with any style, but if you are looking for something more casual, this is definitely a pair you need to check out!

You can order your pair today!

Please note: This pair will be sent as soon as we receive your order, so please wait for the shipping confirmation email before ordering.

We will also be sending an email within 24 hours of the order being placed.

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We hope you enjoy our new look and feel free to send us your feedback via our contact page.