Jogger shorts and boots get an overhaul

The most popular items on the runway at New York Fashion Week (NFW) on Sunday included joggers and jogging shorts.

But as the fashion week winds down, some women are also opting for a different style, as well as their footwear.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

How to dress for NFW1.

Dress in black and white2.

Go barefoot, joggers are not allowed3.

If you have a knee injury, get a pair of knee braces4.

Wear your joggers in the summer, or when you want to be stylish5.

Wear shoes that don’t have a heel6.

Wear flip flops7.

Dress casually, not in a hurry8.

Look for styles that are bold and stylish9.

If your dress is too tight, you can get a skirt10.

Avoid dresses that have a lot of pockets11.

Be mindful of your style11.

Do not wear a tank top12.

Avoid the high heels13.

Keep your style simple14.

Be casual15.

Do it right14.

If the dress looks too high, it is too low16.

Wear something else17.

Wear a belt18.

Avoid shoes that are too baggy19.

Wear heels20.

Wear black and gray21.

Wear dark shades22.

Wear light shades23.

Avoid ties24.

Do a lot23.

Don’t wear too many heels25.

Avoid wearing tight shoes26.

Do your own style26.

Go for a low cut27.

Wear high heels28.

Go without heels29.

Avoid high heels30.

Wear low-cut or no-cut30.

Keep things simple31.

Do the same thing over and over32.

Do what you want on occasion33.

Do everything right33.

Keep a low-key style34.

Don´t be shy about your style35.

Don`t try to be trendy36.

Keep it casual and casual-looking37.

Don”t be too formal38.

Be more formal39.

Stay casual40.

Do nothing and hope for the best41.

Don, dont do anything and hope it works out in the end42.

Wear minimal clothing43.

Do whatever you want when you are in a public place44.

Do something you don’t do at home45.

Wear an accent dress46.

Dress casual47.

Wear skinny jeans48.

Don”t dress too casually49.

Don””t be flashy50.

Don”,t look flashy51.

Don.t look too sexy52.

Don”.t be trendy or too casual53.

Dress well, but not too well54.

Dress like a man55.

Don.””t be like a woman”56.

Dress a certain way57.

Dress smart58.

Dress as if you were on a date59.

Dress with a style that you don”t do60.

Dress nice61.

Dress conservatively62.

Dress classy63.

Dress stylish64.

Dress cute65.

Dress trendy66.

Dress modestly67.

Dress at home68.

Dress very nice69.

Don.”t wear too much makeup70.

Wear lipstick71.

Wear makeup72.

Wear bright colors73.

Wear bold colors74.

Wear colorful colors75.

Wear shades76.

Wear sparkly colors77.

Wear subtle colors78.

Wear simple colors79.

Don?”t wear any makeup80.

Wear nice makeup81.

Wear cute makeup82.

Wear classic makeup83.

Wear plain colors84.

Wear neutral colors85.

Wear boring colors86.

Wear flashy colors87.

Wear pretty colors88.

Wear dramatic colors89.

Don”-t do anything but dress up90.

Don,”t do nothing but dress down91.

Dress up, dress down, or wear something different92.

Dress for casuals93.

Dress chic94.

Dress sexy95.

Dress elegant96.

Wear casual clothing97.

Wear formal clothing98.

Dress cool99.

Don-t wear the same outfit every day100.

Dress the way you want every day