What’s new in the 2018 Honda CBR250R?

The Honda CBRs have been a staple of sport and touring cars for decades, and they have proven that the CBRs are a great value.

But now, the Honda CB500R, the first of the new models, is set to enter the market.

This new CB500 comes with a host of new features, like a new carbon fiber body and new carbon-fiber grille, a new alloy wheelset with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires and a new suspension system that offers greater damping.

The CB500 also gets a new engine, which is a new 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine with six-speed manual transmission, which will offer even better power and torque than the current engine.

The engine also has a bigger exhaust system, and the exhaust system is longer and wider.

In addition, Honda also has changed up the chassis, adding a new chassis, wheels and a carbon fiber shell, all of which will be used for the next model.

The body has also been updated to a carbon-reinforced plastic shell that is lightweight and easy to handle.

The new Honda CBB500R will arrive in 2019, and it will be available in two models.

The first model is the Honda Sport.

It comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission, new front and rear bumpers, and a six-speaker audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.

The next model, the CBB300, will be more powerful, but it will still offer a six speed manual transmission and an eight-speakers audio system.

Honda’s next model will be the CB500H.

It will be slightly different than the CBR200R, but will still feature a six speeds manual transmission.

The 2018 Honda Sport has a six horsepower motor and a 3.0 liter four-stroke engine.

The Honda CB250H will also be available with a new six-cylindered engine, but this time, Honda is also changing the transmission, so that the engine is an eight cylinder.

The CB250 H is said to offer a higher power output, which means it will also offer a better driving experience.

The 2018 Honda Honda CB300H will be a more powerful version of the CB250, but the engine will also remain the same.

The new engine will have a 3-liter six-stroke, and Honda says it will offer better performance than the previous engine.

There are a few more new things that the Honda has added to the CB range, including a redesigned seat and wheel designs, which feature new materials.

The wheels will feature new rubber, and new spokes will also come on the wheels.

The 2019 Honda CB350H will still have the same engine as the CB300, but with a 3,000 horsepower motor.

The Honda says the engine, along with the new seats, will offer a more comfortable ride.

Honda also added new body panels and a revised seat.

The seat and wheels are new, as well.

The suspension of the 2018 CB350 will be different than that of the previous model.

This time, the suspension will feature coil springs instead of springs.

The suspension is also different because it has an all-new design.

The all-wheel drive system will have two different types of damping: damping at the front and damping all the way around.

There will also now be a new airbag system, which also uses a new, stronger material.

The front and back seats are new and will have more leg room than they did before.