New dad to 6-year-old daughter gets maternity suit after birth

JERSEY CITY — A 6-month-old baby girl was born to a new mother on Friday, making the Jersey City family a first in the city’s history.

The newborn, whose name is being withheld because of the infant’s age, was delivered at the New York Hospital for Children, said Dr. Steven Bockelman, who oversaw the birth at St. Vincent DePaul Hospital.

The baby was delivered about 7:45 a.m.

Friday at the hospital, which is near the corner of Broad Street and First Avenue.

The baby’s umbilical cord was tied to a medical harness.

She was taken to the hospital for a checkup, where her umbilicals were removed.

The girl’s parents, Kenzie Trebek and Kiki Trebek, had been staying with the family at the house of their grandparents, in the Bronx, for the last few days.

They have two young children and no other relatives in the area.

The family plans to move to a larger house in the neighborhood, and will continue to raise their daughter, Trebek said.

They are in a state of shock, Treek said.

They haven’t spoken to their newborns since the birth, and have never thought about what they’re going to do with her.

“We’re very happy, but we are still going through the grieving process, because we can’t even remember what happened,” Trebek told The Associated Press.

The Trebeks had been considering adoption but were not sure how the new mother’s health would affect them, Treck said.