‘It’s a beautiful girl’: Lillee Jansen on ‘Beautiful Girl’

By JOE JONES | 06 February 2017 09:59:30LEVI LUC GODARD: A beautiful girl, the world is beautiful, but we are not.

We are not the most beautiful girl.

And yet, we’re very beautiful, because we have this beauty that we don’t have because we are made of dirt.

The world is very beautiful because we can be made of anything.

We can be very powerful, very beautiful.

So, to us, there is beauty, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes a source of pride.

Now, I think that’s very sad because the world would have loved to have a more beautiful world if we could do more, but the world cannot be made beautiful.

We have to make ourselves beautiful, so we don, we cannot.

And I think we can, in a sense, do more.

And this is why, when you look at a beautiful thing, when we look at beauty, we want to say, oh, I wish we could make it so that it’s not just beautiful, that we would feel like we can do better.

That we could say, we should do better, we have to be more beautiful.

That is the very real thing.

And that is what I hope that the show brings to people.

It’s a very real possibility that it will bring the world closer together.

So it’s a possibility that we need to have.

It is a possibility for the world.

I think it’s an opportunity for us to do more together.

You know, I have a very, very special friend.

I’ve been in a relationship with her for about six years now.

We share the same birthday, which means that we’re just like siblings.

I love her.

I am very, extremely jealous of her.

She is a very special person, and I think there is a lot of beauty in that.

And so we want the world to know that.

We do believe that we are in love, and that there is no such thing as a beautiful woman who can’t love.

We want to give that up.

And we know that she has beautiful people, too.

And what I love about her is that they are not perfect.

And she’s not perfect, but she’s very beautiful and she’s beautiful.

And in a way, that’s what makes her special.

So we want more.

We need to find more of the world, more of people, more beauty.

And sometimes, it’s very hard to find the beauty that is there.

So to me, it has to be the beauty we have.

And to find a beautiful world is a miracle.

We’re all going to be looking back at this season, and we are all going, oh my God, we are so happy, we’ve been so lucky.

So I just want people to look at this world with the same kind of eye that they have for a beautiful, beautiful person.

And there’s a lot to be happy about, and a lot more to be proud of, in the world that we live in.

I’m so happy to be here, and very happy to have you.

Thank you for listening.

Bye-bye. (Applause)