How to get the best denim in the store

We’ve all heard about the “good, old-fashioned” jeans.

But what if you wanted a pair that looked like the ones you were wearing?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

These five best jeans in the stores are the perfect complement to your wardrobe.1.

T-shirt with button jean cut and button front, $200.00 at JC Penny2.

Jacket with button-front, $180.00 on TJ Maxx3.

Trousers with button front and cuffs, $140.00 in H&M4.

Jacket, $150.00 off JC Penny5.

Pants with button back, $80.00 TJ Max X6.

Tuxedo jacket, $100.00 Louis Vuitton7.

Vest with zipper, $110.00 Ralph Lauren8.

Turtleneck sweater, $115.00 Marc Jacobs9.

Jeans, $175.00 Gucci10.

Shirt with zipper and cuff, $130.00 John Varvatos