How to make your own jacket jacket

The jacket, with a full-length skirt, a front button-down and a slit-cut, is made of wool and is worn as a summer jacket in the mountains of central and northern California.

It’s a great winter jacket for when you’re out camping, but if you’re going to be out on the town, it’s a must-have.

The jacket’s versatility allows you to wear it in summer and fall, as well as the winter.

The full-color pattern, which is meant to be used as a statement piece, is also a great choice.

It is made from a woolen blend and can be dyed for a cool look.

To make your jacket, just follow these steps: 1.

Lay out the jacket.


Cut a slit in the back.


Place a small, dark hole on the front of the jacket so that you can sew on a button-up collar.


Cut the jacket in half and place the front button through the hole in the front.


Sew the front and back buttons together using the right-side seam.


Sew on a belt.


Fold the jacket closed and pin the collar.


Cut out the button.


Cut two loops of the collar and attach them to the back of the buttonhole.


Cut and stitch a second hole on each side of the back pocket, pinning the collar there.


Sew a zipper across the back pockets, pinching the button through.


Add a zipper to the front pockets, and sew on the belt.


Fold in the collar again and sew the button back through the other holes.


Pin the collar closed, making sure it sits snugly on the jacket’s shoulder.


Attach the waistband to the belt, leaving a little room at the front for the zipper.


Sew all the seams closed, leaving the pockets open for the buttons.


Pin it all together.


Sew it all back on. 19.

Attaching the belt to the jacket is easy.

Just follow these tips.


Start with the front buttons.

2: Sew a seam all the way around the front pocket.

3: Sew the back button through all the holes.

4: Cut a second loop from the front inside pocket.

5: Sew on the collar, adding a second zipper.

6: Pin the waist band to the waist, using a zipper.

7: Fold the waistline of the belt in half, pinting the waist through the back hole.

8: Sew two loops around the belt and sew them in place.

9: Pin it together.

10: Fold it in half again, pin the waist down the back and sew it all the while.

11: Fold in and sew a zipper all the the way through.

(The front pocket can be folded in half to make it easier to sew, or pinned all the same.)

12: Pin a zipper through the inside back pocket.

13: Pin two more loops on each pocket to attach the belt strap.

14: Fold down the belt belt to secure the waist belt to your belt.

15: Fold back in the belt loop, sewing in place the belt straps, lining them with the zipper loops.

16: Attach a belt strap to the left front pocket and fold it back to secure it. 17: Sew around the waist to the right front pocket, using the waist strap as a zipper belt.

18: Sew and pin along the belt at the ends, sewing along the bottom, and at the end to the side.

19: Sew along the edges of the waist straps.

20: Sew all around to the bottom.

21: Attaching it to the rest of your jacket is as simple as lining the belt with the zippered side and pinning it down.

22: Attachment to the other side of your coat is just as simple.

The buttons can be easily attached by using the same method.

The collar and lapel buttons are also attached by sewing in the middle of the two sides of the lining.

For the front, the waist is pinned in place using a loop of the right side seam.

The zipper button and belt loop are attached with the same zipper method.

To sew in the other front pocket with a zipper, fold down the jacket and pin it in place, as shown in the photo.

(If the back side of an outer coat is more exposed, it may be easier to attach it to a belt loop with the waistbelt in place.)

To attach the front waistbelt, fold it down, pin it down the front so it’s attached to the fabric of the outer coat, and pin a zipper loop to the top of the pocket.

To attach both waist belts, fold the front down, then pin it and sew down the top.

The waist belt can also be attached to a zipper by using a belt clip and pining it down with the right seam.

To secure the front belt, sew