How to make the perfect kids ripped jeans

Kids ripped jeans are everywhere.

We’ve got jeans with long sleeves, shorts with pockets and pants with a lot of stretch.

But what about jeans with ripped edges?

These are jeans that look like ripped jeans but have the perfect stretch.

Here’s how.

First things first, we need to know what jeans are.

This is the most important thing, because it tells us how to measure the jeans.

You can measure jeans at the waist or in the crotch, and you can measure from the center of the crotch to the crotch line.

To get the correct measurement, measure around the waist.

If the jeans are too long, you can trim the edges.

To find the right size, measure the waist from the front to the back.

We want to know the size of the waist, so we measure from around the front of the jeans to around the back of the pants.

For this exercise, we will measure from waist to back, so it will be the same for both waist and back measurements.

Now we will make the pants from the crotch.

You will be using a measuring tape, but you can use scissors.

Use scissors to cut the crotch seam to the waist and measure from that measurement to the front and back of jeans.

Repeat this process until you have the correct size for both crotch and waist.

Cut the pants to length.

If you want to make your jeans longer, you will need to trim the seam around the crotch of the pant to a point.

For example, if you want a length of 2.5 inches and the waist is 1.5, measure from bottom of crotch seam on one side of the belt to the bottom of the back seam on the other side of your belt.

Repeat with the other end of the fabric.

Now you are ready to make jeans.

Cut two strips of fabric.

Cut each strip about an inch long and the length of the two pants you want.

We are using two different lengths of denim to get this perfect fit.

Take the first two strips and fold them over.

Make a strip that is about an 1/4 inch wide and about an 8/16 inch long.

This will be your waist measurement.

Make another strip that will be about an 11/16 inches wide and a 9/16 or 1/2 inch long for the length you want in the waist measurement area.

Repeat these steps with the next two strips.

Take one of the strips that is 8/4 inches wide.

Cut it into six equal sections and fold the sections into the waist measurements.

Repeat the process for each strip.

Repeat until you are making two lengths of jeans and you are finished.

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Make the perfect jeans in a snap!