Alyssa Milano: The #MeToo Moment of 2017 Is ‘Not a Thing That’s Happening Today’

In a video posted to Instagram, Alyssah Milano addressed sexual harassment allegations made against actress Lillie Jene, who alleged she was sexually assaulted by Milano in 2014.

Milano responded by posting a message on Instagram to call for women to speak out and call for a boycott of brands that are perpetuating sexual assault on the industry.

“We are not going to allow it to go unchecked, we are not gonna let this continue.

We are going to fight, and we are going all out.

#MeToTheEnd,” Milano wrote.

Milano also shared the video, titled “Me Too” to show how #MeThatsWhatItsAbout, a hashtag that has been used to highlight sexual harassment complaints against women in Hollywood and in media.

The hashtag is a reference to the #MeThePower movement that arose after Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and assault by more than 40 women.

The video shows Milano, who is a former model, wearing a red dress and heels and a pair of sunglasses as she is introduced to her by her co-star, Milano’s best friend, actress Emily Ratajkowski.

The clip features Milano addressing Jene’s claims, which she says occurred in 2014, in a video interview that she has posted on her Instagram account.

The alleged sexual assault allegedly occurred after Milano met Jene at a party at the Hollywood Hills.

Jene was 17 at the time.

Milani claims that Milano took her back to his home and began having sex with her while she was still intoxicated.

Milani says she left the party and called the police.

Jene claims that she told her father and other family members about the alleged sexual encounter but that Milani would not be held accountable for what happened.

Jueresperger, the law firm representing Jene in the case, told the Daily Beast in a statement that the suit was filed after Jene “continued to make allegations against Alyssana, claiming that she was raped by Milani in her home.”

“We have not received any evidence to support the allegations and believe they are not supported by the facts and the law,” Jueresterger wrote.

“Alyssa was a star in her own right and she was an important part of our family.

This was not an isolated incident, and it should not be used to justify retaliation against the victim.”

Milano’s attorney, Brian McKean, told The Daily Beast that Jene is an important person to her family and her family’s reputations, and that they would be seeking to “get the truth out there.”

“As for whether Alyssas story is true, that is up to Alysses story, but we believe she is the victim,” McKeans statement continued.

“There’s nothing we can do about it other than to work with her and get the truth to the public, which has not been forthcoming.”

Juereas statement was similar, but McKeani told The New York Times that he and Milano are not seeking to settle the case.

“She’s still pursuing it.

It’s an ongoing process,” Mckeans lawyer told the Times.

Milane’s statement also did not address a new report that Milan allegedly assaulted actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who has also been the subject of sexual assault allegations against Milano.

Parker has denied the allegations, and Milan has not responded to The New Yorker’s report.

Milan’s Instagram account has since been suspended for her role in the film “The Girl on the Train,” which she wrote, “I’m sorry for making anyone uncomfortable.”

The video has been shared more than 1.5 million times.

Milana has yet to respond to The Daily News’ request for comment on her post on Instagram.

The actress is currently shooting “The Other Woman,” which stars Milano as a high school teacher in a story about the sexual assault of a female student by a teacher.

She is set to play the lead role in “The End,” a drama directed by James Ponsoldt, which is scheduled for release in 2019.