How to wear rta denim jeans with your dad

Google has updated its ‘Rta Jeans’ ad campaign for men’s jeans, with the latest ad featuring a father wearing his son’s jeans to school.

The ad shows a man wearing a pair of rta-jean jeans to his son at a local primary school in Sydney, and he takes the boys to a local park for lunch.

He takes a seat at a picnic table, where he is joined by his son and his other children.

The father then sits down with his son for lunch, and says to his other kids, “Dad, I think I’m gonna go for a run.”

He then sits on the bench next to his eldest son and says, “We need a run, Dad.”

The ad then switches to the father, who is sitting next to a child, who asks the father to get on the bus and go for another run.

The dad then tells the child, “I’m going to run for school.

You have to join me.”

The father is then seen sitting next on the school bus with the child in tow, smiling and talking to the children, who are all wearing their rta pants.

The ad also shows the father and his son sitting down with their children, where they are joined by the other children, with one of the boys sitting at the table next to the dad.

The children are then seen talking to their father, and the father is seen smiling and telling the children about the great weather they’ve been having.

The family are then joined by a teacher, who says, “What about us?

How are you feeling?

Are you hungry?”

The father replies, “Yeah, dad.”

The teacher then asks, “What are you going to eat?”

The teacher asks the dad, “Is it cheese or eggs?”

The dad replies, “…eggs.”

The father replies to the teacher,  “Yeah, I guess.”

The teacher says,  “Well, are you sure about that?”

The mother then asks the teacher how she feels about her kids eating.

The father says,  “Yeah mom, it’s good for me.”

The mother replies,   “I bet you don’t want your kids to eat that.”

The dad says,    “I’m sorry mom.

I didn’t mean to…”

The mother replies with a smile,     and then the father says “You know what?

I don’t have to do that anymore.

I’ll be able to eat my way through school.”

The next scene shows the family, sitting in the car together, as the father walks down the road with his kids.

The dad smiles and says,”I’m gonna get home soon.

Don’t worry.”

The family is then shown in the driveway, and they all go to sleep.

A few minutes later, the father comes back home and says he was driving and the kids were asleep.

The kids are then shown sitting in their parents arms, and then the dad says to the kids,  “What did you want to do tonight?”

The kids say, “Why are you asking me that?”

The father responds, ,”Well, you know, if you wanna go for the run, you’re welcome to do it.”

The kids reply, “Well, Dad, I’d like to get to school.”

The dad says  “, Well, I’m not doing that.”

The kids reply with a grin and say,     “Ok Dad, then let’s go.”

The parents then drive off together, and a couple of minutes later the dad comes home.

The dad asks the kids to tell him about their night and says “, Dad, that was pretty good.

What happened?”

The parents reply with smiles and say “, You know, Dad…

I’m glad you didn’t have any more accidents.”

The dads next scene is shown in their house, and it shows the parents sitting on the couch together, laughing and talking.

The next couple of scenes shows the dad talking to his wife, and she replies with smiles, saying, “, Yeah, it was great, Dad.

We’ll get to the next one soon.”

The wife then says, “, Yeah, but don’t tell me you didn’ t get there in time.”

The husband replies, “, Well, we were all waiting for you.”

The mother responds with a smiling,